Gourmet Chicken Breast

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What's Included?

➢ 6 (6 oz) Boneless Chicken Breasts

Why Our Boneless Chicken?

Simplicity, perfected. Our Plain Chicken Breasts are a testament to quality, taste, and freshness. Free from additives and pre-seasoning, these gourmet cuts allow you to infuse your own flavors. From delightful marinades to savory spices, the possibilities are endless.

Key Features:

Hand-Trimmed Plain Chicken Breasts

➢ Flavor Packed Versatility 

No Additives, All-Natural, Ethically Sourced in the USA

Perfect for Grilling, Baking, Sautéing, and More

What Good You'll Do:

➢ Support Local Midwest Butchers & Farms