Premium Tri-Tips

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What's Included?

➢ 5 (8 oz) Tri-Tip Steaks

Why this cut?

This cut stands out for its distinctive triangular shape, setting it apart from other traditional cuts of meat. The Tri-Tip is prized for its exceptional balance of rich marbling and lean meat, resulting in a tender and flavorful bite that's unmatched. It can be prepared through grilling, roasting, or smoking, allowing you to explore a range of recipes.

Key Features:

➢ Hand-Selected Prime Tri-Tip Cuts

➢ Balanced Marbling for Exceptional Flavor and Tenderness

➢ No Additives, All-Natural, Ethically Sourced in the USA

➢ Ideal for Grilling, Roasting, Smoking, and More

What Good You'll Do:

➢ Support Local Midwest Butchers & Farms